Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Like A Star Across My Sky...

Truthfully speaking, earnestly searching

I should be doing school assignments right now but my heart must speak. On my current journey in search of me, to reclaim me and act like I even know what that is. Getting it together, getting it back together. Being focused. Fulfilling all potential and purpose. There's a pureness and expression and precision with freedom that I am aiming toward. So this all needs updating. I need to write, I need to draw, I need to design, I need to sing, I need to think, I need to analyze, I need to create. It's bursting forth. So with that, enjoy this. I wrote it not too long ago.

(p.s. to he who shall not be named, I got it. I get it. And no matter what, there are just some souls that once your hearts are linked, that lifewater will never cease to flow. The souls may drift but continue to share essences. We feel each other's vibrations. Sunshine will "smile" today for you)

"A Voice"

I speak for those whose scalps are tortured
Whose convoluted curls are
Demanded be cut and chemically altered
Whose roots reach back to the first ancestors
The ones who first mapped the rock of Gibraltar
Whose first knowledge constructed the pyramids
Whose hands built this failed great American experiment
Only to be taught that we’re less than human
That our beautiful tresses
That donned the first adornments
Are grotesque and at best repugnant
That our mental vessels are barren
And unfit to develop intelligence
And since we got a brutha as president
That this had better be the winter of our discontent
Disgusted with our defiant dissent
They’ve plotted for generations
With conspiracies, bullets and toxins
To silence all our past prophets
But we as those who claim to have been awakened
Are charged with this struggle as poets
To speak for those who are speechless

For the ones who won’t be acknowledged
Whose citizenship is denied
Whose rights are disenfranchised
Whose own eyes have been made blind
By their own bitter words that
Their pains and desperations hide behind
Who can’t stomach any more truth
Poisoned from hundreds of years of lies

Those for whom the conventional systems
Failed to be educational
For whom Macbeth and hamlet are impalpable
For whom a year abroad at oxford seems untangible
And Stafford loans are a bit unreasonable
So their minds develop in ways you’re not used to
And they escape their realities by preaching them to you
In verses that form from talents
That seem almost supernatural
So when they speak their truths
It’s dismissed as controversial
So they’re sold as commodities or rendered invisible
And even that they make profitable
Showing them to truly be invincible