Monday, June 7, 2010

HIStory (part I)

(a work in progress)

Set to unplug I was happened upon by a magnificent creature
Who sought to share vibes over virtual space in awe of my mystery
Stopped in my tracks I took a chance with no expectations
And this caramel king was like nothing I had ever known
Said I was a figment of his imagination
so he became my inspiration
And he attempted to crown me with all of his fantasies and aspirations
When I was deserving but not yet ready

And I gladly accepted
because he was the answer to every thirst
Where all others had only trifled
He allowed my mind to breathe when it had only been stifled
admired but couldn’t fathom
And showed me he could cultivate my mental garden
Made me feel like the worthiest queen
when he was infatuated
With my napturally nurtured crown
We aspired to show each other things
our beautiful minds could only concoct in verse and dreams

the curl and fullness of his soft lips I couldn’t wait to feel
and when his met mine
there was no concept of time
no caution was even conceived
as he anointed my skin and stimulated abandoned senses
he tasted my strength and spoke truth to my most sacred of spaces
he loved to have his warm tender places drenched in my essence
our bodies would unite in percussion
Shango and Oshun met and danced
I was the sweet raging river water
he was the unyielding lightning
Making my voice ring out in night piercing exclamation
And spending most of our time apart
we longed for each other’s warmth
Like two severed nerve endings

Where others had sought to possess my body
he labored to free it
Before I could desire
he reached inside my thoughts and embodied it
He could strip me down until there was nothing left
Bare and naked, my rawest self
I was so certain our souls had passed through each other millions of times
And that this kindred spirit would journey me back
through rememory Of adinkra, Heru and ancient kingdoms
While transcending into
the foundation of our new nation
We were making “it” how it should be
He was showing me why my soul had wandered
by traveling beside me

Not knowing from whence he came
I only wished to express
Myself and appreciation
through every mode of communication
Soothing and pleasing his body with every sensation
Giving truly for what a king was deserving
Not desiring return but only to show him the same love
My upbringing instilled in me… That this is what eternal was supposed to be

(to be tweaked n continued)