Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Omo Oshun Adornments

This summer has marked a summer of growth! This is what I sensed, what I planned and what I put into action! Becoming the higher me! But more on that later...

I have always been an artist. I have always had a love for the natural, the beautiful, the aesthetic. I'm good with my hands and have always been what I call a "creator". So with that, I have begun crafting my own jewelry and adornments. The possibilities are endless! There are always more colors to play with, materials, things to re-create, recycle, create, so on and so forth. I am overjoyed!

How it all started was a simple desire to make things. I have dabbled in making jewelry and other types of craft over the years for my entire life. I used to make friendship bracelets, all types of keychains and embroidery. Then I branched into beadwork with which I made waistbeads. I made a few for myself, some for friends, etc. Culture has also always interested me. I love expression, colors, uniqueness!

So with that, I began gathering materials and creating my own custom designed and hand-crafted earrings and the like, but earrings especially. I posted them on facebook and got rave reviews, as well as requests. So hey... the journey began that is now known as Omo Oshun Adornments.,, (pictures to follow in the next post)

Find me! Follow me! Support me! communicate with me! What would you like to see created? How could some designs be improved! I'd love to hear what you all think! And of course as always, thanks for spending the time to send me back even a fraction of the love that I put into all my hard work!