Friday, October 30, 2009

Back for the First Time

Well... it seems I've made a slight reputation as a loud mouth, and a rather good/intelligent/longwinded one.... so I've decided after not much deliberation to actually use the blog page I have and say stuff of no consequence

but hey, that's what all blog pages do, don't they?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

FUCK army recruiters!

so i'm on my jobhunt, grinding hard on that. this is the 2nd time someone called me from getting my information off a jobsearch site, from the damn army. the first time it was a guy and he was actually really nice. but today this chick calls. first of all, i have a problem with them marketing themselves as jobs and careers. look, you are not a damn career opportunity! it's the army for crying out loud! i dont want to speak with you about anything. they market themselves as a job opportunity for secretary or administrative assistant or whatever. then you read further or wait until they call and ask and you find out that you have to ENLIST! GET DA EFF OUTTA HERE!

ok so to top it all off, i said no thank you and she asks if i mean not to talk this morning or not to talk at all... i said no thank you to the army. in more flowery words of course. THIS CHICK says have a nice day and enjoy your freedom in this pissy little tone. i said you too and hung up. dat mess made my blood boil and i had a mind to call back and read her and her supervisor the damn riot act!
no offense to any of our gallant service men and women, many of whom i know or have known or am related to. but those recruiters can kiss the fatest part of my backside! enjoy my freedom?! chick you aint got a single thing to do with my damn freedom! and i will enjoy my freedom as long as you have nothing to do with it. they aint been protecting shit i gotta worry about since... WWII. if that! maybe besides protecting us from ourselves here and there and even that is highly debatable!
the nerve! aww man i wouldnt even know where to end or begin on that lol

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Israel goes down as the biggest haters thus far

the year just started and due to the magnitude of the matter i doubt it can be topped. cant call em douches cuz thats reserved for the fuckery that the bizz/economic/financial world has become.
but my girl lesley hit me off with the idea of my 1st blog bein abt haters. ppl who r always worrying abt u and yours, and just suck on all fronts when really they r the problem, not necessarily the target of their hate.
my response was abt how ppl hate themselves. they need to make a scene of some kind to feel good or stay relevant. rather than tend to their own business they worry abt u and yours and why what they do or dont have. no personal responsibility.

now, there is the made up state of israel, as ordained by the UN in 1948 cuz jews werent so welcome in eastern europe so they wiped Palestine from the map to make way for them. screw the muslims, jews and even christians who were there regardless. sounds like wonderful breeding ground for bad blood. many crises later, the cowardly Hamas is in power and while they have every right to aggressively demand the right to independence, they bait the israelis by launching assaults from residential areas like they aint gonna unload on civilians.

BUT claiming self defense, the israelis bomb them to hell, killing hundreds. when called into question, they use every damn distraction and excuse. apparently, we taught them well Lmao!!!!!!! but the worst was whining about well, nobody asked Russia to do this and that and nobody said anything to the US blah blah blah.


DAMN HATERS! what the hell does what we do have to do with u. and who the hell are you to compare yourselves. worry abt u and your dead wrongness. long story short, there is no excuse for this slaughter. such a cop out could not make you any less lame!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

first thoughts

hmmm so after a lotta drama and work on me, the semester off from hectic BC life and taking care of me and fam for a while..... i emerge with a new focus
a LOT of lessons have been learned and things taken away, things resolved, baggage thrown into the river lol, etc etc.
people have come into my life and left it... some folk have resurfaced... including one person in particular that spawned a bulk of my last post... now that's some funny shit lol but whatever, let's just see where this goes or where he's tryna go, rather. and there r some folk who know what they want but r just pussyfootin around
so what can i say to sum up my feelings right now? ummm actually there aint much to say on my mind like i previously thought...
it's 09, my life is mine... fuck dat, im gettin it let's get it

but on the note of newness, i am going to jumpstart my blog by behaving like all other bloggers i used to mock, thinking what i have to say should matter to anyone. obviously, a bulk of my posts will be rants with a social/political charge. otherwise there will be random and interesting commentary and observations. i already know folk r not gonna like everything i say. disclaimer: like it or not, speak ur piece in a comment. i aint researchin everything ito the letter. this is a blog, not a damn dissertation.

so here goes....