Saturday, September 18, 2010

"It's a Black Thing"

So, As I was expressing thoughts on sex being the soul's playground, the energy involved and how it is important to be discerning and discrete with whom you share that soul and those energies, as well as that body in which your soul has been made to or has chosen to inhabit in THIS life, yatta yatta yatta.... a sisPtah @satori06 posed a question:  

@EarthenStar peace I agree w/ ur last tweet, do u think vibrational altitude is displayed by melanation or lack of ( i do)

I'll start out with the basics of what I believe in reference to the initial question: 1. I believe in universal humanity and universal energy as we are all children of the universe and while our bodies are finite in each life, our energies/souls are not. 2. energy is never created nor destroyed, only changes form and is transferred. 3. there are different frequencies and vibrations that are emphasized in certain ethnicities.  4. although this may be a bit muddled due to colonial and imperial actions on the parts of certain peoples in order to exploit and fragment certain other peoples, HOWEVER, I still also believe that one's karmatic lineage stays in basically the same ethnicity.  The ancestors return to us and never leave us.  We are them. So obviously then I believe in 5. Karma.

I do not "know" by far and I am still at a point of learning and discovering, of course. But at this point, I do not believe totally that your soul was the sole factor in the choosing of its body to house in this current life.  I do believe that other energies were at work there as well, keeping the karmatic circle going.  I believe in ancient concepts of "knowledge" and "learning" and "understanding" in that each new manifestation of life for your soul is the opportunity to strive for even more excellence and in that praxis, your soul "learns" and "understands" certain things.  Perhaps you got some things wrong or did not get to them, whatever the case may be, all of that is what carries you into the next physical manifestation, carrying that "knowledge" forward and building on it (hopefully).  One's purpose for one's soul and for one's body in that life as the soul is manifested, should be realized somehow and the choosing of one's physical manifestation however that happens in each life, has a lot to do with all these factors I'm mentioning here. I believe our ancestors return to us and are always with us.  Again, we are them.  I believe in what Toni Morrison referred to as "re-memory", that it is in our DNA, what is quintessential "us" and our experiences, our sensibilities, what has happened to us, so on and so forth.  In terms of chakra, the main point involved in this is the Alpha-major  chakra (just behind the ears) for remembering past lives and the Heart Seed chakra (at the base of the breastbone) as the site of soul remembrance.  Also involved can be crown chakra at the top of the head, and soma at the hairline above the 3rd eye.  Even though some of us don't have rhythm to save our lives and there are some white women who can dutty wine way better than I ever could (some things can be "learned"), there's an undeniableness of the fact that when certain drums and rhythms are heard, for example, we Black folks can't help ourselves.  We make music with our bodies!  I'm not saying it's better than whatever those European descendants do per se, it's just what I prefer because it's what I am and what I therefore enjoy or call "home".  I have been a dancer.  I have a very articulated tongue as well; language comes easily.  I have tried to learn other European languages.  I do not pick it up as easily.  Here lately, as I study Ifa, every word I encounter in Yoruban sticks to my mind like glue, without effort.  Irish stepdance never took, but anything from any brown folks came easily, even Indian and Indigenous American.  There's a reason for this!  Certain things resonate from us and resonate with us.

HOWEVER: Similarly as scientists believe that there are parts of the human brain that we have yet to unlock with other types of abilities (even though some people have been able to do so individually), I believe the same is possible.  Perhaps in this life, some souls never become self-aware.  Therefore, that whole karmatic circle for one's soul is thrown off and takes much longer for knowledge to be attained and realized for those particular souls.  It is even more probable that that's the case, due to all the external factors of the effects of slavery and all that other "stuff" that's happened to us since European rape and pillage of Africa for the last however many centuries, or eons.  It is quite understandable that many of us have fallen away from ourSELVES, basically.  This is where I align myself with the sisPtah, @Eye_of_Kemet on her thoughts from yesterday.  It is undeniable, to me, that different peoples are just that, DIFFERENT.  I'm not saying better or worse but in my eyes, as a predominantly African descendant by blood (with some indigenous American and even some white as well in my lineage), my re-memory is predominantly African and therefore to me, "our" way is better lol.  I'm not gonna lie about that.  There is something about "us" that has labeled us "the blues people" and it's obvious.  Our knowledge and connections with the unbridled flows of energies, connections with all that exist and have existed.  Our spiritual natures.  The omnipresent ancient knowledge.  Ways that have not even been destroyed after all this time and all the things that have happened to us and regardless to which corner of the world we've been scattered and re-indoctrinated.  You are a part of wherever you came from, genetically.  Your body is equipped to be wherever it belongs.  This is why our health issues are what they are as Black people in this part of the world.  Example: lactose intolerance.  There's a reason why our bodies reject this cow's milk over here.  We were not made for the stuff.  Period.  Our bodies resonate as they have for millenia with the food, liquids and minerals from our homeland.  Your location of origin is all inclusive with the animals you eat, who in turn eat other animals and plants that you eat as well, that grew from the same ground you sleep on every night, containing the same natural minerals and chemical equations, with the same radiation, frequencies, magnetic fields, vibrations and so forth.  Your body and soul are used to the radiation and electromagnetic energies that emanate from the ground to which you belong.  Just like there is gold in some places in the world and there is none in others.  There is oil in some places and none in others.  There is heulandite in some places and none in others.  You literally are what you eat.  That earth that we come from is what we are.  To remove us from that place throws us off kilt almost completely.  In terms of chakra, involved here are the earth chakra and higher earth, as linkage points to the earth and its fields and ether.  We melanated, African diasporic peoples have our own frequencies on which we resonate.  Others who don't, are on some other type of program lol.

So bringing it all forward, YES I do believe that your "vibrational attitude" and melanin are connected, as well as being connected with the house your soul inhabits in any life.  What affects those things are 1. who or from whom you are and; 2. the situations in which you find yourSELF.  And to the queen who posed the question, I thank you and I hope that suffices as a response :-).