Sunday, February 19, 2012

Emancipating My Nappy Roots Pt. 2: PICTURES!!!

This is the 2nd post of two.

Here's the fun part!!! THE PICTURES!!! All pictures will appear in descending order of time taken.

First, a few with my locs....

Now for pictures of the transition

and it begins.... this was the first experiment

Just how long my hair appears to be in the pictures at the top is how long it actually is... at least 2ft long. In some places shorter than 2 ft, in some places 2ft or slightly longer. But with hair texture that many would most likely classify as 4c type hair, when you add water there is hella shrinkage. So, my hair draws back up to seem as short as you see it in the final pictures.

I'll soon post about other natural haired sistas who have provided awesome information on how to transition and how to care for my now free natural hair. I've learned some very INVALUABLE lessons in this short time on how to care for my hair and keep it healthy, moisturized and increasingly more so-called "manageable".

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