Friday, December 30, 2011

Vintage Poetry: Can You Handle It?

Can you stop the pain
That’d been set in stone
From so many nights & days
When I lie, alone
Praying love, to never again
Come calling my heart home

Can you stand by my side
Against insurmountable odds
With poised clenched fists
To, together, battle the storms
But still hold me in safe bliss
As my Black Adonis

Can I be sure
Like the peace passing all understanding
That you are my peace on earth
Reassuring me
Of my precious worth
So I’m sure that
I won’t be hurt

Can you be my contempt’s cure
Giving me strength to endure
The tests I was promised by the forevermore

Can you nurture all of me
Mind soul and body
Putting my thoughts at ease
Making all doubts cease
That my body is yours to please
And tease
In tender touches of ecstacy

Can you handle
The task before you
To be like no other
Willing to do
What no other could
And put yourself through
A gauntlet of passion
Knowing my love is steadfast
Holding me as I would you

Can you ever see
And even comprehend
You & me as “we”
And that my love has no end
When your heart lies with me
Giving myself completely
To make you feel finally free
Strong, tall, grounded, dominant, sexy
As the man you were born to be

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